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Donation FAQs

How can I donate to the COPD Foundation?
How do I donate by mail?
How do I donate online?
How do I donate by wire transfer/EFT?
How do I donate by phone?
Does the COPD Foundation have a local address/local chapter I can donate to?
Are donations tax-deductible?
Do you accept donations through PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay?
Do you accept donations in currencies other than US dollars?
What happens if I check the checkbox to cover processing fees?
Will my donation appear on my friend or family member’s fundraising page?
Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
Will the family of the deceased receive a notification if I give in memory of their loved one?
Can I add message to the family to my donation?
Is the COPD Foundation registered as a charity in my state?

Fundraiser FAQs

Can I tell donors that my event is supporting the COPD Foundation? Can I use your logo?
Do you have resources for organizing fundraising events?
Do you have COPD Foundation-branded products to give away or sell as a fundraiser?
What do I do if a check is made out to me personally?
What do I do if I received a cash donation?
How do I find out who donated to my fundraiser?
A friend or family member said they donated, but it doesn’t appear on the fundraising page. What happened?